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Baywatch Amber

Amber vs Piledriver XXX

Amber vs Rain

Amber vs April Hunter - 43 pics

Jen vs Joey

Jessicka Havok vs Divina Fly

Amber vs Lorelei

Amber vs MsChif


Amber and Jazz vs Lee Valiant and Mikael Yamaha


Plus 31 more sexy galleries!!!!!


Amber Vs Allison Danger

This match was for Ring Wars Carolina about 2 years ago. Amber and Allison have only faced each other in the ring a handful of times but it's always a hard fought battle. This was no exception!!

This makes 10 matches that members can watch online now!

Amber Vs GeeStar

Another match from their long lasting feud. These two really knew each other well so their matches were always hard hitting!! GeeStar seems to have brought some extra friends to the party too!

Amber Vs Mikael Yamaha

It's no secret that Amber and Mikael have been sometimes foe, sometimes friends over the years. When Mikael comes out and challenges anyone to a match, Amber was more than eager to step into the ring to prove her worth. Watch this early match of Amber's and see if she can come out on top in this intergender match up.

Amber vs Brandi Alexander vs GeeStar

This match was for the FWA Womens' World Championship which Amber held at the time. It's a 3 way dance between Amber, GeeStar and Brandi Alexander. Both Gee and Brandi are known for their deviousness. Can Amber hold onto the belt while fighting almost 2 against 1 for most of the match? Join and see!

Amber vs Daffney

Thought this match would be a good bonus for Halloween since we were fighting outside at night!!! Happy Halloween- join and enjoy the matches!

Amber vs Lexie Fyfe

This match was from the WXW Elite 8 tournament from 2008. Lexie and I have always had good fights and this one is no different. We always walk away with more bruises than we entered the ring with!! Join to watch!

Amber vs Lorelei Lee

Lorelei and Amber always has hard fought matches and this one is no different. Lorelei and her spunky cowgirl versus Amber's wily ways!!

Amber vs Mikael Yamaha

An early Amber Holly match. Mikael starts running his mouth about how he'll take on anyone from the back. Well, Amber was up for the challenge!! Lots of cheating and cheap shots from Yamaha but Amber keeps on fighting!

Davina vs Rick

Davina, the tiny adorable high flyer, takes on the very competitive and in shape perfectionist Rick and shows it's not always about size in this business!! Rick lands some powermoves on Davina but this mixed match up match will have you wanting to see more of these two wrestle it out in the future! Enjoy this action packed match! This match is also for sale as a download on Amber's download page.

This makes 10 matches that members can watch online now!



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